Our Services


We understand each organization has its own specific IT challenges. Our professional and knowledgeable IT employees work with customers or agencies to guarantee that their distinct needs are met. Polaron provides a range of IT services listed below.



Database planning and design


Data generated from equipment or day to day activities is a critical resource for any organization to optimize its operations for improving its efficiency. It is essential to store the data in an organized way for in-depth data analysis. We provide a range of custom and cost-efficient services for efficient database planning and design.



Software Programming


We provide custom-made programming solutions designed to fit the unique needs of the organization. We are experts in various programming languages that enable us to deliver a unique solution for any requirement. We can undoubtedly provide cost-effective solutions that are sure to please.



Data/Records Management


Organizations are required to keep data records of taxes, financials, claims, legal documents, employee documents, and much more. The data can come from numerous sources, such as emails, words, pdf, images, and more. We provide services to arrange and store data in a meaningful way so that it can be accessed easily. We can organize the data by digitizing or centralizing the records.